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Climbing and camping activity for parents and children (between 05 and 12 years old) surrounded by nature, in an excellent location with easy access and 50km from São Paulo, in the city of São Roque. Recreational activities for children and the possibility of a day of rock climbing for the whole family. Undoubtedly an unforgettable experience!

DAY 1: Meeting at 16:30 at Pedreira do Marmeleiro in São Roque-SP for initial briefing and setting up the camp before dark. Parents and children will have the initial mission to set up their tents and create a cozy outdoor environment. Then we will divide the group into tasks such as gathering branches in the forest for our bonfire and preparing dinner. After the meal, a story will be told by the fire and we will get ready for a night's sleep in nature. Dinner included.

DAY 2: We will wake up at 07:00 am to have our breakfast and start the climbing activity aimed at all levels of climbers, especially beginners. Afterwards, our team will develop a treasure hunt together with the children that can be carried out alone or with the parents. Around midday we