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  • 2 days of trekking/climbing + 1 pre-expedition in a partner hostel if you select the option with a stay on day 0

This itinerary includes the 2 main mountains of the national park: Agulhas Negras and Prateleiras. In all expeditions, the lead guide is a professional climber, thus ensuring maximum safety with the use of correct procedures. In the technical stretches we always use a helmet, chair, climbing instruments (rope with knots, stirrups or jumar) and safety rope. We are proud to be the agency with the highest rate of ascents to the book's summit on both mountains (100% this past year).


DIA 0 (prior to expedition): meeting at 21:00 at the Picus hostel in Itamonte-MG for an overnight stay in bed. Food not included.


DAY 1: We will wake up at 05:00 to have our breakfast, pack our backpacks and check-in at the park. We will head towards BC Rebouças to set up our base camp and start the trek around 8:30 am to the summit of Pico das Agulhas Negras. Access is via a steep climb made up of several ramps and stone slabs, which require good footwear grip. At some points it is necessary to use safety equipment (rope, carabiners and chair, all included) to be transposed safely even on days of light rain. In order for the true summit (where the book is located) to be reached, we must reach the false summit no later than 12:30. On the descent we will do three rappels, one of 4, another of 15 and finally one of 8 meters. Return to BC Rebouças for an overnight stay in a tent or hostel (to be defined depending on whether there are spaces in the park).Breakfast and dinner included.

cumulative elevation: 403m

Distance: 4.75km

Estimated time: 5am – 7am


DAY 2: We will wake up at 05:30 to take ourbreakfast. At 09:00 we will start the attack to the top of Prateleiras and return to the park entrance for check-out.Breakfast included.

cumulative elevation: 194m

Distance: 2.55km

Estimated time: 3am – 5am



  • 1 WFA rescuer guide  in Portuguese, English and Spanish every 5 people

  • park entrance

  • Camping park day 1

  • Safety equipment: chair, rope, carabiners and brakes

  • Breakfastdays 1 and 2

  • To have lunch day 1

  • kitchen equipment

  • 1 snackEco Planet

  • Collective first aid kit

  • Online satellite tracking

  • Travel insurance



  • Transport (round trip)

  • Parking

  • Trail food (snacks) extra to the inclusion

  • All camping equipment, including tents (in the "no hire" option)

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