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26 to 02/Jan/Feb/2024


  • 4 days of trekking + 1 day in Bariloche pre-expedition

Being in the Andes is undoubtedly an incredible experience for mountaineers. Climbing its highest point, the highest in the Americas, is unforgettable. Overcoming, planning, dedication and courage are keys in this project. A unique experience that will last for a lifetime.

In addition to an effective acclimatization process, which is 3 days longer than most agencies, Aventura Alpina has the best logistical support for this giant's normal route, and guides with experience in the famous 7-summit project. Decisive factors for the expedition to be a success.

DAY 0: Meeting at the hotel in Mendoza - Argentina for group knowledge and initial briefing. Food and transport not included.

DAY 1: Revision day of individual items. Limit up to 15 kg / person. Visit to the partner store to purchase and / or rent previously booked mountain clothing and equipment. Breakfast included at the hotel.

DAY 2: We will leave at 05:00 from the hotel towards Horcones, main entrance of the Aconcagua Provincial Park. We will start the trail at 09:30. Our goal on this first day of hiking will be to reach Confluence camp at 3,390m. Breakfast included at the hotel and dinner at the camp.

Cumulative Elevation: 536 m

Distance: 8,5 km

Estimated Time: 4h – 6h

DAY 3: Acclimatization day. We will go to the Plaza Francia lookout at 4,200m, where we will have a breathtaking view of the mythical south face of Mt Aconcagua, with its more than 1,000m of vertical glacier. We will return to camp Confluence for the night. Breakfast and dinner included.

Cumulative Elevation: 900 m

Distance: 15 km

Estimated Time: 7h – 9h

DAY 4: Properly acclimatized, we will climb to the base camp Plaza de Mulas at 4,300m. We will pass through the endless Quebrada valley of Los Horcones. A beautiful physical and psychological challenge. Breakfast and dinner included.

Cumulative Elevation: 990 m

Distance: 18 km

Estimated Time: 7h – 9h

DAY 5: Deserved free day of rest at the bustling base camp, the highest outside the Himalayas. We will take the opportunity to train the assembly and use of crampons. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Cumulative Elevation: 0 m

Distance: 0 km

Estimated Time: 0h

DAY 6: Return to camp Overnight Confluence. Breakfast and dinner included.

Cumulative Elevation: -910 m

Distance: 18 km

Estimated Time: 7h – 9h

DAY 7: Last day on the mountain, We will return to the park entrance and to Mendoza by transfer. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Cumulative Elevation: -536 m

Distance: 8,5 km

Estimated Time: 4h – 6h


  • Stay with breakfast in a shared double room at Ritz Hotel Mendoza days 0 and 1

  • Stay with breakfast in Penitentes on the 18th

  • In-out mountain transportation from Mendoza

  • Experienced guides in Portuguese, English and Spanish (1 out of 4 clients)

  • Tent (2P) and kitchenware in all camps

  • Mountain Breakfast Days 3 to 7

  • Mountain Lunch Days 5

  • Mountain Dinner Days 2 to 6

  • Use of refectory tent at Confluência and Plaza de Mulas camps

  • Carriers up to 15kg from park entrance to last camp

  • Complete advice on equipment purchase before travel

  • Discount on clothes and equipment rental from our partner store in Mendoza

  • Collective first aid kit

  • Online Satellite Tracking (SPOT)



  • Air to Mendoza (round trip)

  • Transport in Mendoza days 0 and 1

  • Food Mendoza (except hotel breakfast)

  • Aconcagua Provincial Park's permit (around US $ 240)

  • Track food (snacks)

  • Personal equipment and clothing (except tent and kitchenware)

  • Personal Carrier (with possibility of hiring separately)

  • Overweight costs for loads over 15kg

  • Any costs with dropout evacuation

  • Travel insurance + rescue insurance

  • Reimbursement for lost equipment due to theft or weather

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