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  • 4 days of trekking + 1 day in Bariloche pre-expedition

The Army's special forces training site, the country's most traditional mountaineering route, offers many adventures, including 3 rope-climbing sections, and one of the Southeast's most incredible alpine landscapes. 2,791m altitude.


DAY 0: Meeting at 21:00 at the place of stay in Itamonte-MG. Overnight in bed or tent (depending on the option chosen). Food not included.


DAY 1: We will wake up at 4:00 am to have our breakfast, check out and stay on the way to Itatiaia National Park (upper part). With only backpack attack, we will start the trekking at 08:30 to the summit of Pico das Agulhas Negras, passing through 3 sections that require the use of safety equipment (included). Return to the park entrance for exit. Breakfast included in the option with stay.

Cumulative Elevation: 403m

Distance: 4,75km

Estimated Time (round trip): 5h - 7h




  • Experienced guide in Portuguese, English and Spanish

  • Park entrance

  • Safety equipment: car seat, rope, carabiners and brakes

  • Breakfast Day 1 (option with stay)

  • Advice on equipment purchase before travel

  • Collective first aid kit

  • Satellite Tracking Online



  • Transportation (round trip)

  • Feeding day 0

  • Breakfast Day 1 (no stay option)

  • Parking

  • Track food (snacks)

  • All camping equipment, including tent

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