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Are you already a rock climber, do you have knowledge of basic safety procedures, but don't have a partner for climbing on traditional routes? In a more private format, for up to two people, an AVENTURA ALPINA climbing guide can accompany you throughout Brazil, especially on one of the 50 classics. 

How it works?

The climber chooses a route he wants to climb between the 3rd and 7th BRA grades. The duration can vary from 4 hours to 2 days depending on the approach time, average difficulty and length. For safety, we require that participating climbers have full knowledge of the following procedures:

  • Basic nodes: double eight, faithful, Uiaa, rappel backup or similar with the same function

  • Handling of GriGri and ATC type brakes

  • Rappel assembly

The amount charged is per itinerary and can be divided between up to two participants. Discount for non-weekend days and holidays.


  • 1 WFA rescue guide and with T.A.R. (self-rescue techniques) in Portuguese, English and Spanish

  • Car seat

  • Helmet

  • String

  • Cordeletes

  • Carabiners

  • Brakes

  • Ribbons

  • 1 snackCaptain Jack

  • Travel insurance

  • Satellite tracking


  • Transport

  • Extra trail food (snacks) included

  • Sneaker

  • Magnesium

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