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Do you already climb on rock, have knowledge of basic safety procedures, but don't have a partner for climbing traditional routes? In a private format, an AVENTURA ALPINA rope guide can accompany you  in the Mantiqueira region. 

How it works?

The climber chooses a route he wants to climb between grades 3rd and 7th BRA. The program lasts a maximum of 8 hours, and may vary depending on the route chosen. The climber must know the following procedures:

  • Basic knots: eight double, faithful, Uiaa, rappelling backup or similar of the same function

  • GriGri and ATC type brake handling

  • rappel assembly

Added value for weekends.



  • car seat

  • Helmet

  • String

  • strings

  • Carabiners

  • brakes

  • Ribbons

  • 1 snack Planeta Eco

  • Travel insurance

  • satellite tracking


  • Transport

  • Trail food (snacks) extra to the inclusion

  • Sneaker

  • Magnesium

Private Guided Traditional Rock Climbing