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fromBRL 1,850

29/Apr to 01/May/2023

07 to 09/set/2023

  • 4 days of trekking + 1 day in Bariloche pre-expedition

Considered the most beautiful crossing in Brazil, it connects the cities of Teresópolis and Petrópolis, in Rio de Janeiro. Passing through postcards of national mountaineering, such as Pedra do Sino, Castelo do Açú and the famous Finger of God. Undoubtedly an unforgettable trip!


DIA 0 (prior to expedition): for those who opted for the option WITH STAY on "DAY 0", meeting at the Petrópolis Inn for an overnight stay in bed or tent (depending on the chosen one). food not included.


DAY 1: We will wake up at 6:00 am to have our breakfast (included only for those who chose the option WITH STAY on day 0). At 7:30 am we will leave for the entrance to the park in Teresópolis by transfer included for check-in. Start of trekking at 09:00. Overnight in a tent or in bed at Pedra do Sino refuge (depending on the type of accommodation chosen on days 1 and 2). Assault to the summit for those who wish to catch the sunset at the highest point of the entire crossing.Breakfast and dinner included.

cumulative elevation: 1,071m

Distance: 6.96km

Estimated time: 5am – 7am


DAY 2: Start of the trek at 09:00 am (by this time we should have had breakfast and broken camp) to the refuge of Castelo do Açú. Safety equipment included in the section known as “cavalinho” (chair, rope, carabiners and brakes). Overnight in tent or bed.Breakfast and dinner included.

cumulative elevation: 548m

Distance: 6.49km

Estimated time: 4am – 6am


DAY 3:Beginning of the trek at 09:00 (by this time we should have had breakfast and broken camp) until the end of the journey, in Petrópolis.Breakfast included.

cumulative elevation: 600m

Distance: 7.5km

Estimated time: 5am – 7am



  • 1 WFA rescuer guide  in Portuguese, English and Spanish every 5 people

    Transfer in/out mountain from the park's Petrópolis entrance

  • park entrance

  • Safety equipment: chair, rope, carabiners and brakes

  • Breakfastdays 1, 2 and 3

  • Dinner days 1 and 2

  • kitchen equipment

  • Advice on the purchase of equipment before the trip

  • Collective first aid kit

  • 1 Planet Eco snack

  • Online satellite tracking

  • Hot shower at the end of the trail

  • Travel insurance



  • Transport (round trip)

  • Parking

  • Trail food (snacks) extra to the inclusion

  • All camping gear including tents (alpine style option)

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