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The best choice of food on the mountain is freeze-dried, as this type of dehydration reduces the weight of food by up to 80% without wasting vital nutrients for your high physical effort. Below is a detailed description of the foods that make up each type available. If you have a restriction other than those listed, please contact us.

Unrestricted Breakfast

Fruit, honey, açaí, granola, jam, omelet, cheese, bread, butter, porridge, coffee, tea and cappuccino.

Dinner Without Restriction

Pasta with chicken and olives or pasta with bolognese or beef with rice and broccoli or chicken stroganoff, mashed potatoes, soup and cassava chips.

Vegan Breakfast

Fruit, açaí, granola (without honey), jam, bread (vegan) , coconut butter, coffee and tea.

Vegan Dinner

Sugo noodles or Funghi risotto with rice and peas or rice and corn.

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