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On itineraries with advanced camp, you can choose to travel in the EXPEDITION format or in the traditional ALPINO style.


NEXT DATE Jan 11 to 18, 2024

Being in the Andes is undoubtedly an incredible experience for mountaineers. Climbing its highest point, the highest in the Americas, is unforgettable. Overcoming, planning, dedication and courage are keys in this project. A unique experience that will last for a lifetime.

In addition to an effective acclimatization process, which is 3 days longer than most agencies, Aventura Alpina has the best logistical support for this giant's normal route, and guides with experience in the famous 7-summit project. Decisive factors for the expedition to be a success.


NEXT DATE November 11 to 18, 2023

North America's largest volcano and Mexico's largest mountain. With an excellent structure in the base camp, comfort and chances of success are increased. The final attack on the summit by the mythical Jamapa glacier, an ice ramp 600m high and 45º inclined, makes this a true high mountain experience.

fromEUR 2,700

NEXT DATE Feb/18 to Feb/26/2023

Ancient Persia, Iran is full of cultural and natural riches, including the highest volcano in Asia, Mt. Damavand, the highest point of the Elbruz mountain range at 5,610m. In this incredible expedition, excellent for beginners in high mountains, we will take the northeast route, less frequented than the traditional south face route. We will visit the small village of Nandal and spend two nights in a traditional shepherd's house on the slopes of the mountain, where we will set up our base camp. We will experience their customs and cuisine before heading to the advanced camp and then to the summit.